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Emergen Bio - Providing Siderophore Assays,
Bioconjugation, Assay Optimization & More

Emergen Bio is a focused biotechnology company which provides assay systems, diagnostic test development and screening services to the bioresearch, biotech and pharma biotech industry. Our assay portfolio includes siderophore detection systems and novel enzyme activity assays for use as research tools, with particular application in the detection of novel compounds with potential for use as anti-microbials directed at iron uptake (an essential growth factor for infectious micro-organisms), or at natural product synthesis. Emergen Bio also provides a mini-host insect model for toxicity studies and for investigation of microbial virulence.

Emergen Bio also specialises in custom assay or immunoassay development for customers, both nationally and internationally, including diagnostic, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical companies, as well as academic researchers.

We Offer

  • Unique research assays for the rapid detection and quantification of siderophores in cell culture and other biological media.

  • Highly-purified preparations of fungal siderophores

  • A novel screening service to detect compounds with potential to inhibit iron uptake in pathogenic micro-organisms.

  • Speciality fungal enzymes and high-throughput activity assay systems.

  • A mini-host insect model to generate in vivo information on new chemical entities, biopharmaceuticals and other compounds.

  • Immunodiagnostic test and method development for in-house use or for commercial application.