Contract Development

Emergen Bio scientists have extensive experience in diagnostic test and method development with expertise in bioconjugate design and synthesis, antibody generation, recombinant protein expression as well as a wide range of immunodiagnostic test development strategies. We can work with you to develop assays to meet your specific research and manufacturing requirements.

The wide ranging and multi disciplinary expertise of our scientists has enabled us to complete over 40 assay development projects to date. Our fully flexible phased product development services allow us to customise packages to meet development requirements in terms of budget, assay application and timescale. We offer a full start to finish service:

  • Antibody generation

  • Recombinant protein generation

  • Protein evaluation ( Mass Spec, LCMS, HPLC and more)

  • Reagent manufacture

  • Custom conjugation

  • Assay development

  • Validation


Emergen Bio custom conjugation service allows the generation of high quality conjugates optimised to meet your specifications. Our scientists work to provide stable, reproducible conjugates efficiently and within a minimal timescale.

We have developed and perfected conjugation protocols for the binding of antibodies and antigens including novel haptens to enzymes, gold nanopraticles as well as other proteins as required. We work closely with our customers to optimise the conjugate to the point where it is proven in the assay system and ready for commercial scale up.

Assay Development

Flexibility is a key feature of Emergen Bio assay development services. Our phased approach allows our customers to assess feasibility/ proof of principle prior to committing to a full scale development programme. This is particularly useful when preliminary data and prototypes are required for grants or funding applications.

Throughout the development of your assay a dedicated and experienced team of scientists works on your product. When you choose to outsource development to Emergen Bio, you can be sure that we'll work with you through every step of the development process. Our customer communication practices and regular project updates allow us to share our knowledge with your team, and provide advice and training on all aspects of test development.